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Zombie Singles: Progress or Objectification?

| July 23, 2010

I’m not quite sure what to make of this website. On the one hand, with its ‘Create Your Zombie’ feature it’s pretty clear that the majority of users of the website are Living people, playing at being Zombies, rather than Zombies themselves using a site for social networking. Combined with the gory-cutesy site layout (such [...]

Zombie ‘Fitness’? More like Anti-Zombie Hatercise

| July 23, 2010

So Excel Gynmastics in the Chicago, IL area has decided to cash in on the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ craze by constructing a ‘class’ to teach people who to survive an encounter with a zombie mob: With that in mind they have created ZombieFit – a fitness program that involves functional fitness and the parkour ideology. Parkour [...]

Atomic Age Cinema TV 2: Atomic Boogaloo (A Critical Analysis of this Bold New Work)

| July 22, 2010

Today at The Zombie Rights Campaign we are privileged to review and discuss what may be the most important film to ever critically examine the plight of the Differently Animated in American Culture: Atomic Age Cinema TV 2: Atomic Boogaloo. A great deal more below the cut.

The ZRC and Mail Order Zombie

| July 21, 2010

When we were at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention the ZRC was privileged to do two interviews, one live-streamed for Eerie Radio and another via digital recording magic for the good folks at Mail Order Zombie. Then after the convention I completely forgot to check back on when the Mail Order Zombie interview would [...]

Zombies Get a Bad Rap for This Sort of Thing

| July 21, 2010

But in Thailand, selling delicious human (shaped bread) is apparently ‘in’. Seriously, that bakery could be called the Ed Gein Patisserie. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the owner is targeting the Zombie market with his ethically sourced human substitute, helping out those select few Zombies who have managed to kick the human [...]

Oops, Radio Silence

| July 20, 2010

Sorry gang, got a bit distracted running the ebay Lurch and dealing with some stuff in real life. Nothing to do with roving anti-Zombie mobs; just day-job kinds of things. We attended a party on Saturday night with some friends not in the Zombie Rights or indie movie community, and had an opportunity to try [...]

AMC Gets On The Zombie-Bashing Bandwagon With ‘The Walking Dead’

| July 16, 2010

AMC is moving full-steam ahead with its plan to adapt the well-known anti-Zombie comic ‘The Walking Dead’ for television, and they’ve released some promotional material that lays out their bias very clearly indeed. Yes, the *LIVING* cast gets the vast majority of the poster space while the sole Zombie representative is shoved off to the [...]

Zombie-Demons and Euro-Zom Movies

| July 15, 2010

Ok, so the latest trend sweeping European horror, it seems, is the revival of the indie supernatural zombie genre. With [Rec] 1 and [Rec] 2, and soon to be [Rec] 3, the Spanish horror scene is looking to relive the heyday of European unenlightened anti-Zombie filmmaking. ([Rec] 1 was remade in the US under the [...]

Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated

| July 15, 2010

While the ZRC had a chance to speak with some of the cast of the original Night of the Living Dead last weekend as part of The Lurch for the Cure fundraiser (specifically our successful poster signing and sale), it almost slipped past the radar here at ZRC Centrale that a new version of the [...]

Soul Eater: A Zombie Perspective

| July 14, 2010

This commentary will contain spoilers for the first half-dozen or so episodes of Soul Eater, so please be advised.