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RiffTrax Live to Host ‘Night of the Living Dead’ on October 24th

| August 18, 2013

We’ve previously had a few unkind words to say about the treatment of the Differently Animated by the Rifftrax Live crew from their stint mocking ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’. Mainly because they invited known Anti-Zombie bigot and songsmith Jonathan Coulton to perform on their broadcast. Ahem. Chewing on the doors? Really? But we’re willing [...]

‘Birth of the Living Dead’ To Document Genesis of Romero Anti-Zombie Stereotypes

| August 18, 2013

‘Night of the Living Dead’ is one of those cultural touchstones that is so big that people are unaware of just how big it is. I can’t say how many times I’ve been at a convention for the ZRC, discussing Zombies and their rights in society, only to have someone tell me all about how [...]

Routine ZRC Update

| July 15, 2013

Greetings out there, Zombie Rights allies! Just a quick update on how things are shaping up for our Summer of Protesting: The ZRC is going to at least do a drop-in visit for Flashback Weekend in Chicago on August 9th-11th, as they’re having a HUGE Dawn of the Dead reunion which is very exciting. Some [...]

Zombies Doing Good: Zombie Day

| April 16, 2013

The ZRC is always delighted to see Zombies and the Living brought together in a good cause, and so we were very pleased to hear about ‘Zombie Day’ this Saturday, April 20th in the Chicago area. I will now shamelessly post the details from their Facebook page to benefit those who have not joined the [...]

Man Blames Zombies for Traffic Accidents He Caused

| April 12, 2013

An unfortunate sign of the Living Supremacist prejudice in our society: scapegoating Zombies, even non-existent ones, for one’s own misdeeds: (CNN) — A young transient who said he was trying to shake zombies off a stolen semi-trailer truck he was driving caused a major freeway incident in southern California that sent four people to the [...]

Copyright Trolls Making Anti-Zombie Movies Just to Sue Downloaders?

| April 11, 2013

At The Zombie Rights Campaign we try to be flexible with copyright; after all, we release all our content via Creative Commons licenses. The important thing for us is the Zombie Friendly message. So seeing a nexus between copyright law abuses and Living Supremacism is particularly disheartening: Over the years, as rumors of the potential [...]

Introducing The ZRC Zombie Shelter

| March 26, 2013

Due to the rigorous and at-times sanity crushing demands of law school I haven’t been contributing as much to The Cause lately as I would like, so over my Spring Break I resolved to do something worthwile as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign. And so I’ve put in some time the last few days [...]

Disturbing Living Supremacism on Display in Canadian Parliament

| February 14, 2013

Sadly the ZRC blog has to report a recent episode of blatant Living Supremacism from the very highest levels of Canadian government; even worse, this ugly and hateful incident was directly inspired by the Anti-Zombie efforts of the CDC, which we’ve been objecting to for the better part of a year. Truly awful, isn’t it? [...]

‘ROAM’: Procedurally-Generated Anti-Zombie Game on Kickstarter

| February 9, 2013

Procedurally-generated games promise nearly infinite replayability, as they can generate levels in which to spend your recreational hours over and over again. In theory, a great deal of bang for the buck, and always a new possibility each time you fire up said game. But what if the variable virtual world is static in its [...]

Kid-Oriented Anti-Zombie ‘Cure’ Propaganda?

| February 9, 2013

We’re sensitive to the issue of a ‘cure’ for Undeath here at the Zombie Rights Campaign. Zombiism isn’t a disease, after all, and the Zombie Community as a whole doesn’t need a ‘cure’, it needs understanding and tolerance. So naturally, this ‘Zombie I Scream’ game pushing the cure meme at a young audience disturbs us: [...]